Blackwood Soundsystem

The Blackwood Soundsystem started spinning their turntables in 1989 and has become the longest running German Soundsystem representing the class of Super Heavyweights.

The early influences came from Jamaica and the Blackwood crew started making a name for themselves inna Real Raggamuffin style. While the boxes and amp racks kept getting bigger and bigger, so did the dubplate box, covering all the big artists singing specials on all the big tunes from way back when, leaving the crew with a pile of accapellas specially sung for the Blackwood sound.
In the early 90s, Blackwood started the musical trod to the UK Dub side of the sound, establishing early connections to famous dub producers like Jonah Dan, Alpha Steppa,Nomadix and King Alpha. This resulted in numerous projects, creating a fresh Blackwoood sound by remixing all the early dubplates which can now be heard and felt inna true heavyweight fashion.


since 1989

Alter Stadtbahnhof 1, 77933 Lahr/Schwarzwald, Deutschland

Sheep, Bob, Schorsch, Jörg