Move & Groove Part 6 – Behold and Live Soundsystem meets Chris Ignition (Hannover) & Toby Dread (Berlin)

Get ready for another Heavyweight Soundsystem Experience with Behold and Live Soundsystem and special guests Chris Ignition (Hannover) & Toby Dread (Berlin). Longtime friends and supporters of soundsystem culture in Berlin and Hannover will play you the finest in Roots Rocker Rub a Dub Heavy Dub and some assorted Steppers! Strictly vinyl night again, as we love it!


26/07/2019 22:00h

Behold & Live Soundsystem

Karl Kenyatta, Ziontist, Chris Ignition, Toby Dread

Hangar 49 Holzmarktstraße 15-18, 10179 Berlin, Germany