The Dance Before Departure. Soundsystem meeting-Dubდღე with Sioni HiFi Soundsystem-Real Roots SoundSystem-Creation Rebel Sound System

Date & Time:
11/11/2018, 22:00h

Type of session:
Session, Convention (2 or more soundsystems conference)

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Juno Q Beat,SattaMann,Paulo,Tudor Lion,Empress Gina

Originally Sioni HIFI was built to stretch The Soundsystem Culture across the sea! Georgia will be the final destination of our mighty hogs in support of a full range of Dub ,Reggae and Bass music culture.�� We are sending our Soundsytem back to her roots(Georgia) and we would like to invite you to our final dance to share positive vibration with you once more. � For this special reason we have gathered some of our favourite selectors to send her away in style. � 🚨3 Soundsystems under one roof 🚨 Sioni HiFi SoundSystem (Juno Q Beat) Real Roots Sound System (Sattamann - Real Roots, Ricky Paulo Jeffery) Creation Rebel Sound System The Imperial Roots Rockers (Tudor Lion and Empress Gina Eu Genia) � Hosted By Natty Campbell MC #Georgia is calling #4ScoopBizznes #Dubდღე

Fold, gillian house, Stephenson St, London E16 4SA, UK