Sioni HiFi Soundsystem

First Dub Reggae Roots Bass Soundsystem in republic of Georgia. Hand build in UK. Had 2 Sessions in London before traveling to its destination Tbilisi Georgia.
Had First Dance - Tbilisi in Dec 2018.
25th of Jan 2019 hosting the second Dance in Tbilisi Georgia.

Sioni HiFi is the first hand build/purpose build Dub Reggae SoundSystem in republic of Georgia.Run by extended family of Juno Q Beat Selecta(Soundsystem operator) Samory MC, GmirSelector and a crew.

5 Way Soundsystem is build in UK in a traditional hand build soundsystem style. In November 2018 traveled to republic of Georgia to stretch soundsystem culture across the see,connecting Tbilisi and Georgia to the rest of the soundsystem planet.
Playing Dub Roots Reggae Jungle Bass and HipHop music in the soundsystem style.


since 2017

97 Sairme St, T'bilisi, Georgia

juno q beat,Samory MC,GmirSelecta