Dubbing Sun Soundsystem

DUBBING SUN SOUNDSYSTEM rising up outta Carinthia, Austria is a homegrown Soundsystem run by 4 soundmen. Originally founded & built by GERTZE , DUBVID and PUPA STRAV, later KOL.EE a.k.a. KING D joined the crew. The alpine blazing stars deliver real vibes from all over the world, a selection which is rooted in the Jamaican Reggae/Dub culture, blended with other bass music genres from nowadays and niced up by steppas self productions with adds of future sounds. In the last few years they had releases on labels like Lion Charge, Dubatriation, Pressed Records, Dub Descendants, Archetype, Albion Collective as well as on their own label, Dubbing Sun Records and had collaborations with the likes of Digid, Full Dub, Lutan Fyah, Clinton Sly, Bunnington Judah and Addis Pablo.


depuis 2011

9542 Afritz am See, Österreich

Dubvid, Gertze, Pupa Strav, Ko.lee