Pomdeya Presents: Yaadcore & Green Lion Crew

Pomdeya, in 2022.

On a hand-built sound system in Denver, Colorado, USA, the campaign continues:

Green Lion Crew
Pomegranate Sounds
hosted by: King Mondo

River is a coffee shop with a full bar, so caffeinated/non-alcoholic drinks will be available throughout the entire night, while liquor will be served until 2am. Late night food available from Denver Doubles. There’s a full patio, ample space to chill, and a literal gallery’s worth of art on the walls. As we know you will: please be respectful of the venue, treat and tip the bar staff properly, and get your smoke on outside.

pre-sale = $5-$15 = https://theticketing.co/e/yaadcoregreenlioncrew
door = $20


29/04/2022 21:00h

Pomegranate Sounds Dem Deya Sound System

Yaadcore, Green Lion Crew, Dizzy!, Pomegranate Sounds

River 3759 Chestnut Place, Denver, CO, USA