Pomdeya Presents: Alpha Steppa (UK), Kampire (Uganda) & Mux Mool (USA)

Pomdeya, in 2022.

On a hand-built sound system in Denver, Colorado, USA, the campaign continues:

Alpha Steppa (Steppas Records, UK)
Kampire (Nyege Nyege Festival, Uganda)
Mux Mool (Young Heavy Souls, USA)
Red Peak Sound

It's been one year since Pomdeya launched, so the Pomdeya crew is beyond excited to announce not one but two international guests to celebrate! Truly, endless appreciation to everyone out there who has supported us so far. We firmly believe that the music is the message within sound system culture, so much love and respect for listening with an open mind.

River is a coffee shop with a full bar, so caffeinated/non-alcoholic drinks will be available throughout the entire night, while liquor will be served until 2am. Late night food available from Denver Doubles.

There’s a full patio, ample space to chill, and a literal gallery’s worth of art on the walls. As we know you will: please be respectful of the venue, treat and tip the bar staff properly, and get your smoke on outside.

pre-sale = $5-$20 = https://theticketing.co/events/alphasteppakampiremuxmool
door = $25


11/03/2022 21:00h

Pomegranate Sounds

Alpha Steppa, Kampire, Mux Mool, Red Peak Sound

River 3759 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216, USA