Soundsystem Conference – Armagiddeon Sound and Friends ls. Island Report Soundsystem

Greetings family! ❤️
The first session in 2022 is near, we can’t wait!
We’re travelling to Mühlheim/Main to link up with I’n’I bredrin Armagiddeon Sound outta Offenbach, Conference time seen! 🔊🔊🔊

Sattaday 16.04.22
15 – 24 Uhr
@ Artificial Family e.V. in Mühlheim/Main
(Rabenloheweg 5, 63165)

Open Air – 2 Soundsystems!
Make it a date, don’t be late


16/04/2022 15:00h

Island Report Soundsystem

Rabenlohweg 5, Mühlheim am Main, Germany