Sioni Hi-Fi Soundsystem takeover Version 09-Radikal Guru | sTia | CHROMIE |Dima Dadiani |Juno Q Beat

First session of 2024 and we are back with more Dub influenced music.
We have been playing “Dub Commandment” tune so many times that this record is almost unplayable now :) Its time to invite the man behind this great tune (and manny more) ! Man like Radikal Guru is coming to Georgia for the first time !
sTia (Natia Sartania) is a usual suspect in Georgia’s Bass music culture, from that time to this time. DnB Queen!
Big catalyst of music culture in Georgia 🇬🇪Bass music pusher and top Selector . Yes, selector and not a Club DJ as she likes to emphasise , but can challenge your favourite Djs in a music battle at any time.
Dima Dadiani .
Pioneer in electronic music culture! Produces music from 90’s . From times of civil war when music was not a thing .
Original Bass head.His music is raw and experimental .Chest kicking sharp axes and deep heavy sub bass .Dima’s live performances can be anywhere between 60 to 180 BPM with all kinds of broken riddims and baselines. Very heavy on a soundsystem :). His Live can be fully and properly experienced only on purposely built sound.

Been in DJ game for more than 23 years .One of the Pioneer. Selector and Soundsystem Adict. Operator of the first Georgian hand build Dub Soundsystem. Juno Q Beat aka King Juno will be on the control tower duty for the session. Showcasing finest Dub music and faya Dubplates.

HROMIE Multitalented gizza,one of our own crew . Graffiti artist/ DJ/Producer/ MC . Younger generation seennnn. 21 now and raised on UK Grime , Bass and Soundsystem culture .He will be driving the Mic aka Firephone while hosting this dance in style and fashannn.


24/02/2024 23:00h

Sioni HiFi Soundsystem

Radikal Guru,sTia,Dima Dadiani,Juno Q Beat

tes club TES club, Dodo Abashidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia