Waalhalla Dub

BIG reggae dub Soundsystem session coming up in Nijmegen! Local soundsystem specialist Willow Hifi is stringing up his large 21' bass-heavy scoops in skatepark Waalhalla. Together with chanter/selecter Brother B they invited major dub artists:

Man like Slimmah Sound, who is producing serious tunes for decades (!) and has been played by all major soundsystems internationally. He will be accompanied by Lyrical Benjie on mic, a legendary and skilled Dutch chanter who will be blessing the microphone with Word, Sound & Power. Positive! And also joining in is Asher-E, a wizard on melodica and always very, very able to bring vibes on versions and uplift ones and ones. Last but not least we invited Miss Dinomyte on flute, stepping up and joining the dance.

This one is something for the books and possibly the beginning of reggae soundsystem in Nijmegen. So run come rally and support this movement.

Grab your tickets while they're still cheap!

Early Birds for 7,50 (limited)
Late Birds for 9,95
Doortickets for 12,50


19/01/2024 23:00h

Willow hifi

Slimmah Sound, Lyrical Benjie, Asher E, Miss Dinomyte, Brother B, Willowman

Waalhalla VR4Q+MQ Nijmegen, Netherlands