Sioni Hi-Fi Soundsystem takeover of Tes club version – 03 – Dub to Jungle

Sioni Hi-Fi SoundSystem presents 3rd takeover of Tes Club in Sub Solo Session style called Dub to Jungle.Full SubBass vibration as we like it covering all sub genres of Reggae and Bass music originated in Jamaica and UK.
Heavyweight Session incoming! With Full Soundsystem in the Dance.
Sioni Hi-Fi SoundSystem stringup version 19.

From Bristol to London to Tbilisi 🇬🇪
Neffa-T / Voicedrone(Fold) /Juno Q Beat (Sioni Hi-Fi) with some finest heads from local screen featuring Sumo / Den

Netta-T is a Bristol 🇬🇧 based vibes General . From Deep Dubstep to 140 to 160 😈Broken beats and Dubplate bizznes. If you seen his set running 4 CDJ in heavy technical style and fashion then you know whats coming to you!
Man like Voicedrone aka GmirSelecta aka “My Secret Weapon when he is in front of them Orange boxes 😉 “ Brother Lasha part of our big family.He is one of the old Bass head from Georgia 🇬🇪 and the Co-founder of Londons best club FOLD at the same time. Hold on to something heavy and expect heavy broken bests with no speed limits .
We are exited to promote the local culture and invite up and coming DJ Den to showcase her Jungle & DnB selection for the first time on our Bass Culture Soundsystem Session.
Heavy man like Sumo is no stranger on our Sessions for sure 🙂 Man with heavy Dubz and a skill to snick on your back to pullup your tunes when you not expecting it . He will be worming up the dance and set the mood for the Dance.
Soundsystem Operator and Selector Juno Q Beat aka Juno’s Joint aka 30-70Hz will be running his Dub to Steppa style selection showcasing Dubplate and Soundsystem culture.1 CDJ style to simulate 1 Turntable style and fashion of the Soundsystem sessions. Expect heavy Dubplates to fly high in NO mixing style with multiple Dub versions of the versions of the versions 🙂
Soundsystem vibes are almost impossible to catch on the camera as you have to be deah 🙂 to fill the vibration But our friends from Tempo Radio are championing this mission and will b


22/10/2022 23:00h

Sioni HiFi Soundsystem

Neffa-T,Voicedrone,Juno Q beat,Sumo,Den,Sioni Hi-Fi

TES Club TES club, Dodo Abashidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia