Sioni HiFi Soundsystem – TES club’s takeover version 04- Dub to Jungle

Our first 2023 residency slot at TES Club will take place on the 14th of January.
First dance for 2023 it is
If you’ve been to our sessions at TES you know the vibes.Some Dj some Selects tunes .Its all good and nice and heavy as we love it. In hand build Dub Soundsystem style and Fassshan.
Plan for this year is to start sessions fully dedicated to a particular Genre/Sub-genre . So before we go to a Warrior Steppa style with some hardcore Dubz followed by Jungle & DNB dances … we would love to get your stamina ready and do few more Sub Solo - Dub to Jungle Sessions where we start with Low and Heavy going to higher height.
Showcasing Bass music and Soundsystem Culture on the night , from near to far from Brighton  to London  to Berlin  to Tbilisi 
Dub Athlete / S Ruston / sTia /Nina Bochorishvili / Juno Q Beat (aka 30-70Hz) & Slack Tah

Traditionally at the beginning of the session we will have Dub selection by our Soundsystem’s operator and selector Juno Q Beat.
Sophie Ruston aka S Ruston .Originally from UK but long time Berliner. Big time activist and proper BASS head by nature.She run a killa selection ones in Tbilisi and now returns for more. Expect BassFace Breaks to Jungle hammers flying around.
Sophie aka Dub Athlete . From Champion Bass crew in Brighton @Mine . She delivered a gwaan vibes every single time we went to a dance. Versatile selection indeed. Charming smile before she picks a tune but bwoyyyy when she drops it jizzzzzz
Expect Heavy Dubstep/140/UkG UK vibez.
Nina Bochorishvili aka Nina Supsa . Bountiful human being and tuff DJ. Person behind music promotion in Georgia by means of running the Mutant Radio . Mutant radio’s Captain as we call her. She will be running Deep and Heavy Dubstep selection on her very first Soundsystem dance. First Soundsystem session is something to remember all your life for sure. Make sure you deah early !
Our very own DnB Queen of Georgia! As they say “You dan know “ . Person supporting i&i and Soundsystem Culture bef


14/01/2023 23:00h

Sioni HiFi Soundsystem

Nina Bochorishvili,Dub Athlete,S Ruston,sTia,Juno Q Beat,Sioni Hi-Fi

tes TES club, Dodo Abashidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia