Sioni HiFi Soundsystem – DubდღეV9-OutdoorSkank-Roots Reggae Dub Dubstep HipHop in a Dance

IF ! the weather is nice we shall play it twice ?
!!!This dance will be HEAVILY depending on the WEATHER!!!

4 Scoop of Heavy Sub Bass.
Roots|Reggae|Dancehall|Dub|Dubstep|Jungle|HipHop Music

Dubდღე Version 9 - Bass meets HipHop in a Soundsystem Style.

DJ Grotask
I.G.O aka უკვდავი გენისშედეგი & Micro aka შეგირდი Micro
Juno Q Beat (Sioni HiFi)

Roots|Reggae|Dancehall|Dub|Dubstep|Jungle|HipHop Music

We all love free gigs in open spaces don't we ?

This dance will be HEAVILY depending on the WEATHER conditions as we want to do little outdoor dance for you.

We thought that Skatepark in "დედაენის ბაღი" (Dedaena Park) will be a good spot to try our first Outdoor Dance in Tbilisi with 4Scoop and hopefully good source of electricity:)

Peace Love and Unity
All tribes welcome as usual


23/03/2019 14:00h

Sioni HiFi Soundsystem

Jeronimo,DJ Grotask,I.G.O ,Micro,Sumo,Juno Q Beat

Outdoor Skeitparks Dedaena Park, Tbilisi, Georgia