Jah Heavy Load

Jah Heavy Load is an operating soundsystem who play Roots Reggae Dub on their Homecrafted PA.
They are promoting a local dance called DUBFEST,and played with different sounds , singers and producers in and around Beljam in the past years such as Kingstep , Highr'Ites , Dub Fi Youth, Jahmbassador Hifi , Ion Youth , Crucial Alphonso , Kiangana , Missing Link , Jah Ragga Highpower (UK) , SubZulu ( UK ) , Kunterbunt Soundsystem (DE)...

On the Dubfest - list already numerous national and international guests : Dub Dynasty (uk) , Akash in Dub (uk) , Dub Conductor (uk) , South East Soundsystem (nl), Dark Angel (uk) , RDH Hifi (fr)

On invitation they mashed up dances and festivals over the years : Dourfestival , Reggae Geel , Reggaebuss And U.N.O.D.

At the moment they are working on own productions in the Bunker. A studio constructed over


since 2008

Blauwstraat 1, 2850 Boom, België