"Digitron sound system, pioneer dub sound outta Croatia, balkan dub defenders! Since 2007 based on members of 2 live dub bands( radikal dub kolektiv and bamwise), pilled up and led with intention of making first Croatian sound system, in country where there was no culture of its kind. Musicwise closest to uk sound of digital dub with influences of different musical directions, from electronic music, to more organic. Usual suspects on croatian and european underground scene, from festivals, clubs, autonomous zones etc...
Digitron runs many nights in croatain biggest and only alternative cultural centre, former squat called Medika. With monthly program and also holding many dub stages on different festivals (modem, lost theory, seasplash etc…) Apart from being active as an act that had performed all across europe on some of leading festivals and club nights( fusion, reggae bus, hadra, lusine etc…) digitron also has a label called Digitron Records."


since 2007

Trg Marka Marulića 9A, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia