Wandem Sound System

Wandem Sound System is the collaboration of a group of long-time friends from the Bordeaux area, passionate about UK sound system culture and educated by the Bordeaux dub scene (Improvisators Dub, UzinaDub, Manutention, I-tist , Dub Machinist etc ...). After having skipped sessions all over France and Europe for years, the friends of Wandem Sound are now in a mission, trying to bring their stone to the building by making their own sound system and by launching their own regular sessions, now become a reference in the region: Bordeaux Dub School.

With their experience of skimming sessions over the years and armed with their selection ranging from roots to modern dub stepper productions, the Wandem Sound System also travels always with a live horns section "The Hornsmen Section", with Lix on Trombone and Natty and Francis on saxophone, for a physical and musical experience.


since 2014

Zac du Pont Rouge, 33150 Cenon, France