Dub der guten Hoffnung

DubDerGutenHoffnung - (in english: DubOfGoodHope) born in the summer of 2011 - is a series of events that promotes bass music - Dubstep, Rootzstep, Steppaz, Dub, Jungle. By now It has advanced to be a unique night for insiders within the Berlin bass massive. A very special line up, chosen with great care, of international artists, an entrance fee that is more than fair and good sound quality are the foundation and together with the music itself it has always provided a very special vibe. At a DubDerGutenHoffnung night conscious music and heavy skanking are guaranteed - positive vibez all around! In contrast to the rest of the mostly divided bass music scene (one the one hand Reggae / Dancehall headz and the Roots / Dub massive, on the other hand heavily electronic music influenced, deep or brostep-like dubstep events) people have noticed here that a vast variety of music among those lines can be fused and still contain a strong "message".


since 2011

Graz, Österreich