High n Irie soundsystem

After hosting free events near Louvain-la-Neuve for many years, HNI team finally built their own homemade sound system in 2013. Since then, the HIGH 'n' IRIE Sound System has blasted sound in Brussels most iconic venues and parks, created its own open-air festival (@fosdubfestival) and hosted some of the most recognized artists in the Dub – Dubstep scene like Mala, Kahn, Commodo, Egoless, Kromestar, V.I.V.E.K, Hijak, Mad Professor, OBF, Channel One, Omar Perry, Soom T, Prince Fatty, Who.Dem.Sound, Von D, Moresounds, Bunzer0, Radikal Guru, Mahom, Tetra Hydro K, Kandee Dub and many more...


since 2013

1050 Ixelles, Belgium