SattaDUB Soundsystem

SattaDUB Soundsystem is a collective of selectahs, producers & soundengineers for reggae, bass & offbeatmusic. In addiction to roots, dub, dubstep & steppas we're sharin' the musics inherent soulfull vibes to open heart & mind. On our journey we'll let you feel the calm (‘satta’) heartbeatrythm of rootsreggae music (70 bpm) and push it foreward to a level of full enegy.

We regard Reggae & Soundsystem-Culture as a political expression. Creatin’ spaces of safety and tollerance shall be our way to oppose a fascist, racist, sexist & homophobe society - with Bass & Love we’ll bring Babylon to fall.

forward ever - backward never
SattaDUB Soundsystem


since 2019

Wiesenstraße 26, 07749 Jena, Deutschland

Felix, Felix, Nick