Zenicafaria Soundsystem

At the intersection of culture, between the East and the West, in the Balkans, not so long ago in 2010 the love for dub was born. The small collective besieged the music of Jamaica as it dropped into the tub, imitating the historic bob team. Love gave birth to the desire to organize listeners to share these new discoveries with other people. It quickly evolved when heavy bass lines from the UK and fat steppas were discovered. The moves broke out and the real mission began, to build the first soundsystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the first few years they built new acquaintances, acquired new knowledge and let the idea mature. Finally, in 2016, they began building their sound system. The first part of the soundsystem is finished but the road never stops, it has just started. The family is expanding, new boxes are being built, a new door


since 2016

Vojvodića put 2, Zenica 72000, Bosnia and Herzegovina