Sightiva HiFi

In 2017 something wonderful happened at the Hawerkamp Münster. A music fan called "Dino" heard a bass like he had never heard before. A short time later it happened to him and the Passion Soundsystem had taken possession of him.
In the following year, the vision of an own sound system was realized with a few friends and more crew members followed.
Lünen as a home base quickly became Dortmund and the crew quickly became a family, which now includes at the controls Dino, Kevin Curly and Flexlion and Cureen, Laura, Momo, Chris, Rism, Freddy, KitKaan and Foundation Stepper as support.
With an energetic mixture of steppa and digital tunes, the "green wrecking ball" moves from place to place to cast a spell over people with their bassy sounds.


since 2017

L684 10, 44139 Dortmund, Germany

Dino, Kevin Curly, Flexlion, Cureen, Laura, Momo, Chris, Rism, Freddy, KitKaan, Foundation Stepper