Wherever you look nowadays, it is clear that the ruling elite, increases its strength more and more and more. All over the world people witnessing the cruelty of the system. Economic crisis, immigration, racism, media, corruption, police brutality. It’s clear to see that the system failed. Debt and loans are the new slavery. Poverty is slavery. People die, people are hungry. This is not a war. This is a murder. We have to fight back. Resistance and solidarity are the magic words. Music is our way. BABYLON SHALL FALL

4 Dub Vibes is a collective of selectors and producers alongside mc Ital B based in Larissa, central Greece. Since they started at 2011, they have taken part in many festivals, organising local events and creating several mixtapes for radio shows. Roots reggae/dub and heavywheight steppa sound Uplifting vinyl sessions and positive vibrations.


since 2019

Παπαναστασίου 51, Λάρισα 412 22, Ελλάδα