Roots Plague Soundsystem

Early Sessions were run inna Reggae & Dancehall Style, while Dub&Steppas became more and more important. Since 2008 they bring strictly Roots Reggae, Rockers, Dub and Steppas Selections, Indignation style!
Roots Plague run nice outdoor sessions and set up heavy indoor-events. They have created party-projects like 15inch-corner, Soundsystem convention, Musical Kingdom, Basstelstunde, Dub Stories and the mighty Big Rig Festival.
In 2008 the Roots Plague crew founded the legendary Dub Camp Area at Reggae Jam, Germany’s no.1 voted Reggae Festival. The Dub Camp has been there since and will be evermore. In this special
time and place they invite friends from other Soundsystems and Bands to play over the “Red Wall”
and enjoy four days of Reggae, Dub and Niceness!
Each Session is unique! Spiced with hot Dubplates, Specials, Customs and unreleased tunes.
Sirens and effects blow the massive and complement the ruff Roots Plague style.
Inna Roots Plague session each and everyone can only be peaceful! Strictly Iration, strictly Respect is what they care for most! When your clothes vibrate in the Bass wind and the Drum and the Bass wobble through Body&Mind you can only wear your sweetest smile and step up to Iration!
Still beware: the race is not for the swift…


since 2006

Am Hawerkamp 1, 48155 Münster, Deutschland