Simply Rockers Sound System

We are a mobile sound system traditionally built and inspired by the masters who built the first sound systems in the 50s of last century in Jamaica. Here everything is controlled as in an original way by a pre-amplifier handmade that manipulates frequencies, siren machines, effects, powerful speakers and a large dose of amplifiers that ensure sound transmission without additives or filters. This is indeed how this music originally intended to be heard and felt. Simply Rockers aims at the spreading of the past, present and future of Roots Rock Reggae and Dub music through our dance sessions that explain through music what cannot be explained through words. We want to make the invitation to those who have never heard music played through a sound system to experience it: as Portuguese Fado needs to be heard at a Fado´s house, Reggae/Dub have to be heard in a Sound System.


since 2012

Edifício da antiga FN Cordoaria, R. da Junqueira, Lisboa, Portugal