TeleDubbie Soundsystem

TeleDubbie-Crew was founded after a Reggaejam-Festival in 2017, more to play Reggae, Dub & Steppers for friends and family in livingroom-sessions. But as Darmstadt kept suffering from a lack of Soundsystem Sessions, after Rebelion Soundsystem had to retire, things started to get more serious: A Soundsystem had to be build.
Asking Rebelion for support, they decided to hand their System to TeleDubbies, since it was not build for being kept silently, but for being played in Darmstadt. During Corona TeleDubbies constantly grew the Halfstack-Soundsystem to a Fullstack.


since 2019

Luisenpl. 5A, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany