Danubian Dub Soundsystem

Since their establishment in 2017, Danubian Dub has been dedicated to
creating exceptional music experiences. Through their own productions,
they bring a distinct touch to the genre, captivating listeners with their
unique and heavy sound.
Their events, including the monthly "Vienna Dubwise" series or their
"Dubstetten" festival, provide an intimate and unforgettable atmosphere
for music enthusiasts seeking a genuine connection with music and

In addition to hosting renowned artists, Danubian Dub has released
their own music, further contributing to the evolution of the genre. Their
Album “Dismantle” (release 5.1.24) & EP "Echoes from the Circuit"
delivers a mesmerizing sonic journey, while the single "Rivers of Wood"
immerses listeners in atmospheric dub vibrations. Their collaboration
with Mannaroman on the single "Rub a Dub School" showcases their
commitment to strong rhythmic vocals and their single, "True but
Wrong," reflects their ability to create thought-provoking and
introspective dub compositions.

Danubian Dub Soundsystem's modest yet steadfast commitment to
pushing the boundaries of dub music has earned them recognition as a
driving force in Austria‘s evolving music landscape. Their dedication to
curating exceptional performances and releasing their own music
solidifies their position as innovators in the dub music scene.


since 2014

Gentzgasse 9, 1180 Wien, Österreich