Danubian Dub Soundsystem

DANUBIAN DUB SOUNDSYSTEM is an upcomming sound system, located in Vienna, Austria. Consisting of 5 people (Tune-I Fred, Tecnical D, Hyko, Kathi and Jacobus) the crew covers a wide range of music from 70‘s roots treasures to classic UK dub to modern steppa style, always in search of new sounds and a super heavy bass experience to give pleasure to I’n’I heart and soul.
The Danubian Dub Soundsystem itself is a handmade, custom built speakerstack, trying to achieve sonic perfection with a solid, massive bass performance. We think that speakers can be built a certain way, leading to a whole new level of appreciation.
The usual way to build a Dub Soundsystem is a Scoop for the lower bass (Hog Scoop, Supercoop, Mini Scoops), with the kicker section above (ES18-BPH, G-Sub, HD15 Horn) and for the higher frequencies the Mid-Top Stack (MT122, MT102). So you split your Signal 4 ways.
We tried to find an alternative - The solution was to get a huge bass horn which is capable of playing frequencie


since 2014

Gentzgasse 9, 1180 Wien, Österreich