Roots Explosion Soundsystem

Roots Explosion is a soundsystem crew from Bruges, Belgium.
The group consists of four selectors and some people behind the scenes who have been friends for a long time. Roots Explosion is playing roots and culture music, dubplates and homemade productions for each and everyone! The crew is committed to spreading positive vibrations and the right message through the soundsystem medium.
Roots Explosion members Utah Militant and Guana Parasol work hard on a daily basis and spend a lot of time in the studio producing their own music and creating their own style.
In 2017, Roots Explosion hosted their first Circle of Roots dance. Circle of Roots is a concept taking place in the JH Comma venue in Bruges where strictly roots reggae music is being played from start till end, all night long. The goal of the Circle of Roots dances is to bring back the foundation reggae and soundsystem vibes and to please both reggae veterans and people who are new to the genre.
In late 2018, Roots Explosion finished the building of their first soundsystem stack. With these hand built speaker boxes they continue to host their own dances and travel around to bring and spread reggae vibrations.


since 2018

Knesselarestraat 7, 8730 Beernem, België