Echotronix Sound System

Back in the days of early sound system culture in Europe, King David Warriors pioneered the scene with their own system introducing Italy and European crowd to this art and playing and supporting many legendary sounds like Jah Shaka, Jah Tubbys, Fatman, Channel One, Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas etc often introducing them to Italy for the first times. They had the chance as well to support many great musicians and djs such as Dub Syndicate, Don Letts, Andy Smith, Daddy G..just to name a few. They had montly residencies in Torino, Milano and Rome and foster the scene with the well-known Roots Attack sessions beside playing as well in France, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Spain etc. In 2005 after 350 gigs they decided to take a pause and closed the sound to dedicate themselves to the musical production. Now after 7 years the fruits of this labor of love are ready to be released on Echotronix label; a collaboration with The Roots Defender band and legendary singers like Johnny Clarke, Michael Prophet, Dixie Peach, Earl 16 and many others. Backed by popular demand they just released the first Echotronix 10" called "Reconquering Lion" by Benidub and mixed at Echotronix studio which sold out in 24 hours! A longtime exclusive KDW dub plate from 2001 which teared down session all over the world. Together with the label the crew launched his brand new Sound System: the "Echotronix Hi Power Sound System"


since 2013

Aosta, AO, Italia