Twin Suns Soundsystem

TWIN SUNS Soundsystem is consisting of Dubtrooper and Sista Aminata. While Sista Aminata started DJing during Lockdown and with the prospect of soon owning a Soundsystem, Dubtrooper (formerly named Conscious Youth) is DJing since around 2009. He hosted many different events in Dresden, like the regulars “Reggae in the Lion´s Den” around 2013 and 2014 and the “BASS SESSION” together with Prof. Siren since 2017. He also played at sessions all over Germany, as well as some gigs in Poland and Czech Republic, too.
Since 2021 they have their own Mini Soundsystem which they use to bring righteous messages to the people with the help of Roots, Dub, Steppaz to Jungle music. But the works for a larger and stronger Soundsystem already began… 😉
TWIN SUNS Soundsystem is part of the “A.S.M. -Antifascist Soundsystem Movement” and therefore sees music as a weapon in the social struggle for equality and justice!


since 2021

Bischofsplatz, Dresden, Deutschland

Dubtrooper, Sista Aminata