Golden Roots Soundsystem

GOLDEN ROOTS SOUNDSYSTEM come to bring you jamaican music from the golden roots to the golden fruits in the original way on our own selfbuilt heavyweight Soundsystem!!! Selections and Mic works by Selecter Ras Romano and Litelet!!! Look forward to feel deep and sweet Subbass paired with tight and precise kick's topped by clean and crisp mid's and tweeters!!! We play thru the musical legacy of Jamaica from Ska music in the early 60ties developing to Rocksteady 66' - 69', growing to Early Reggae formed to Roots Reggae & Dub in the 70ties, that being or focus!!!! But now and then we will drop in a digital Roots 80ties or 90ties tune, or even move to the New Roots movement in the 90ties up to some actual Reggae Revival production inna roots style!!! Strictly positiv vibes we a deal with and strictly vinyl selections, One Musical Love!!!


since 2019

Bern, Switzerland

Selecter Ras Romano, Selecter Litelet