Solid Mojo Soundsystem

Solid Mojo Soundsystem: Roots Reggae, Rub-A-Dub and Meditative Steppa Soundsystem from Hamburg, Germany – Since 2011.

Our motivation is Rootsmusic and it's positive message. We want to share it as authentic and intense as possible, creating a strong vibe that makes your body shake and uplifts your mind in deep meditation. We promote Roots Reggae, Rub-A-Dub & Meditative Steppas in the tradition of classic UK-Roots-Soundsystems. Strictly vinyl selection in a King David style – spiced with warm reverbs, ruff delays, sirens, syndrums, lickshots and of cause live vocals and instruments.

Our technical philosophy is to keep things analog as much as possible to get a warm and rich sound. The whole system is carefully adjusted to produce a clean, powerfull and well balanced sound from the very deepest bassline to the highest tones so that you can enjoy the sound on high levels without stressed ears. Ringing ears lower meditation, seen...!?


since 2011

Hamburg, Deutschland