Dende Sound System

Based in Brighton - UK, Dende Sound (Edi Yoyo and Bambaman) is a lovingly crafted, custom-built heavyweight Sound System inspired by a long tradition of Jamaican and UK Sound Systems. Dende Sound plays Roots Music and Dub.

Dende Sound has been putting on regular dances hosting visiting crews representing the best in Reggae and Dub. They played alongside many artists and crews all over UK (MC Trooper, Maasai Warrior, Jah Youth, Brother Culture, Rebel Lion, Roots Youth Records, Earthquake, Emperor DT, Nomadix to name a few) and are always up to play and share their high energy and their roots, dub and dubplates selection. They became a cornerstone on the UK Roots scene.

They also created their record label (Dende Sound Records) in 2020

In 2022, Edi Yoyo started setting up Dende Sound System in Gambia and every year he spend few month over there to develop the sound and work with local artists.

More love, more life, more fiyah!


since 2013

Brighton and Hove, UK