Dreadical Warriors Soundsystem

Youths pon di station !!!

Founded in 2014 by Jonathan and Simon. They met each other during "Reggae Geel": a new friendship was born.

Due to the love they share for reggae music, they started playing their first sessions: Strictly vinyl, spreading conscious message music in the original one deck style.
Shortly after that, they started building their own soundsystem and finally in the summer of 2016 the beast was roaring!

Till today still playing and organizing sessions and spreading Jah message.

Recently reinforced by their new member Jean, sharing the same love!

Rasmon - Selecta & operator
Jonathan Di Dubbist - Selecta & opreator + MC
Jean Lion - Selecta & operator


since 2016

Sint-Michielsstraat 33, 9000 Gent, België