U-Dub 420 Sound Sistema

U-Dub 420 Sound Sistema, was founded in 2011 and it is Brazil’s first Sound System group to fully take on the digital form, providing to the public up-to-date reggae songs and focusing all the elements from the bass culture. By making good use of technologies and drifting away from other sound system crews that produce and reproduce its songs in vinyl records, U-Dub 420 is presenting its own music selections of digital reggae with its own musical productions that aim to emphasize new textures that the reggae music world is now presenting. The crew makes its performances of original songs live in electronic equipments such as synthesizers and MIDI controllers, producing and reproducing these songs in computers. In addition to sonorizations activities and songs presentation, the crew also manages the music label called Black Sun Studio, dedicated to recording and distribution of independent artists. The main goal of this crew is to spread urban culture through the sound system.


since 2011

Rua Doutor Eugênio Maia de Andrade, 52 - Jardim Imperador (Zona Sul), São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil

Siberson Zambi Ferreira, Cauê Saldino, Cicelline Ferreira, Monique Gonsalves, Mariana Pugliesi