Siren Sisters Soundsystem

Meditate & celebrate - Siren Sisters Soundsystem plays roots & dub music. It's more than boxes and amps - it's also a space to gather, to meet friends & family and strangers, to listen and to connect, to dance, to heal and to grow, to celebrate the circle of life! We are firmly rooted, with enormous respect to the ancestors and the originators, and also reach out to the future and upcoming ideas.

Siren Sisters Soundsystem is a female Soundsystem and its members are also part of the female sound collective @lioness.awake. One of the main goal is to shine a light on female artists by playing their tunes or by inviting them to their sessions. Also, they would like to encourage and empower other women to express themselves as artists ❤️🎶🙏

May Jah bless I&I works!


since 2023

Freising, Freising, Germany